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Community Group Continues To Bash Midland Fire Service

Community Group Continues To Bash Midland Fire Service


In their latest update to their followers, MidlandCommunity.ca published the following:

The Midland Full-time Fire personnel will receive their 2015 pay increase just in time for Xmas.  As our member/contacts know, we have objected to the town concluding the 2015-2016 MPFFA collective agreement because the award fails to recognize our economic realities, the need for greater flexibility to adapt to our changing environment, and onerous new language which simply ties our hands going forward.

Expect a report from the new Fire Chief, Paul Ryan in early spring, which will address tiered response and hopefully much-needed changes and efficiencies in the fire deployment model. We’re curious to see if the sunshine list (town employees earning $100,000- or more) balloons even further above the 12 Fire fighters who had this distinction in 2014.” – excerpt from their latest email blast 

MidlandCommunity’s leadership continues to show a narrow-minded and laser-focused obsession with deep cuts to wages and benefits in order to achieve a lower taxation level that only significantly benefits Midland’s wealthiest residents at the expense of the rest of the community, who stand the gain the least and lose the most.  The wealthy complaining about paying higher taxes won’t garner much sympathy from those who need the services they are willing to gut or discard.

Emergency service personnel should not be the sacrificial lambs for everything deemed wrong with the local, provincial or federal economy and the whipping boys for the “cut taxes at all costs” singleminded vision of their group and some councillors. Taxes fund what’s important to us and we should not begrudge this simple fact.

Would they propose that doctors, nurses, paramedics and social workers all take pay reductions for the privilege of serving the Midland community?

Good luck.  So why do they think they can bully and shame the fire and police services into taking less money and less industry standard benefits than their peers in other similarly-sized communities?

If some members of the community don’t like the tax rate in Midland and cannot stand to pay for the service excellence that is afforded our community by dedicated and well-paid professionals (well-paid by virtue of their profession – not their location), then perhaps those malcontents should consider moving.

The rest of us enjoy our many services, expect to pay fair market value (but not more) for them and enjoy living here much as generations of our families have before us.

We are getting tired of the rhetoric.  Midland is not bankrupt.  We have valuable assets that should not be sold for quick cash and emergency services second to none that have been “there for us” for more than a century.

It seems as though fire and police are the low hanging fruit when it comes to whining about expensive professions we can’t do without and complaining about the sunshine list ( a value that’s remained unchanged since Harris’ inception years ago ) is ineffective since wages have increased with the cost of living etc but the hallowed sunshine list threshold has not.  As long as it remains frozen in time it should come as no surprise that more and more people will be on it yearly.


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  1. It’s unbelievable that are hard working Herod of our town our always getting the short end of the stick . Education to have career in these departments our very costly on top of it the stress and sacrifice they give each day are nothing a price tag could cover . We need a councils that looks at bring more work in the town and keeping young family here to pay taxes to keep the town going not cutting more jobs.

    1. In our experience, they email their “updates” to their subscribers in advance of posting it to their website. They used to post their updates on their Facebook page as well, but presumably stopped doing so since they could not control the comments that ensued.

  2. That community group never ceases to amaze me. They expect to save that kind of money from their own employees wages and benefits and not from service cuts and asset sales? Nice. Talk about screwing over your most valuable asset – your staff. Can’t wait to see what your CAO comes up with to purge the town of her staff to make these savings possible. Just so the rich can get their taxes down… nice. Most of midland is not paying high taxes and they need those services. Stop waiving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in development charges to entice home builders who have nobody to buy their homes and make money from the people you should be making it from.

    Hey OurMidland.ca, find out how much money your town has waived in development fees for the waterfront developments (Midland Bay Landing – aka mistake on the lake v2) and that new one by little lake. I bet you find you’re talking MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars your town is losing just to attract the rich – the only people who can afford those homes. This is all about the rich 1-5% of midland and nothing to do with the rest of you.

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Community Group Continues To Bash Midland Fire Service

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