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Snow Covered Fire Hydrants Cause Unnecessary Delays

Snow Covered Fire Hydrants Cause Unnecessary Delays


As a public service, if there is a snow-covered fire hydrant near your home, could you please clear away ice and snow from around fire plugs.  Having served as a volunteer firefighter light years ago, I often found myself one of the first few arriving at an inferno.  Those smoke eaters who hit the road with pumper follow a well-trained routine..they dropped a line at the nearest hydrant and then quickly attach hoses to the pumper so as to lay down a heavy deluge of water on the blaze to knock it down as quickly as possible so they can search for occupants.  

It didn’t take long to use the 500 gallons of water in the pumper so it was essential to have a constant flow of water from the hydrant to the pumper.   On more than one occasion around 3.am with temperatures well below -30F and the wind howling, one had to literally scoop with bare hands both ice and snow around an all but hidden hydrant.  

I recall Capt. Ray Braddock of the Sally Ann coming around with a thermos filled with hot coffee, coffee I urged him to splash on my rubber boots to keep my toes from freezing. He later retreated to the Citadel across from the fire hall to fill up empty an thermos again and quickly return with more hot Java for both firemen and in one’s case, one’s ice-covered boots. 

So please, when seconds count please clear away snow from your fire hydrants, in event of a terrible fire at your residence you will be glad you did.


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  1. And please if you have one in your front yard, do not feel free to paint a smiley face on it or change the colour. The coloured caps indicate what flow rate we get from them….

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Snow Covered Fire Hydrants Cause Unnecessary Delays

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