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Thoughts On Midland Fire Service

Thoughts On Midland Fire Service


fire-budgetsMidland Fire Department responds to almost one call a day, on occasion more. Talk of an all volunteer fire brigade makes as much sense as driving a vehicle without tires. Decades ago, the vast majority of volunteer smoke eaters owned their own businesses and felt it was their duty/way of giving something back.  Today with potential volunteers “working the line” it is much more difficult to leave a full time job and respond to a call.  

Case in point, four or five volunteer brigades in the area  hardly ever hire additional staff during recruiting sessions.   Our firefighters don’t always get called out to extinguish structural fires, they respond to gas spills, CPR calls, mutual aid support….then there is training, smoke alarm inspections etc.

At present, with full time fire fighters on duty at the hall, they are mobile in minutes, with response times always the key for quickest essential turnout.  The current combination of full time and volunteers is the best of both worlds… anything less makes no sense.

If council wants to reduce the budget, drop two or three members from council; cut back on attending Good Roads conventions…..savings can always be made at town hall but not to the  detriment of either of our fire and police services. Just thinking out loud.


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  1. I think they need to keep the budget on fire and police as is. Equipment doesn’t buy itself. And yeah if they need to cut the budget then go to less conventions. The conventions are usually held at ridiculously priced resorts anyway. Or they could at least go to a cheaper motel/hotel to sleep and just show up at said conventions when they need to be there.

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Thoughts On Midland Fire Service

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