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County Considering Not Collecting Your Garbage If You Don’t Use Your Green Bin


garbage-police-county-simcoeGerry Marshall, Mike Ross and Gord McKay?  What do you have to say about this? In the CTV report above, “Simcoe County waste management staff is considering an unconventional way of getting people to use their organic bins. Waste management director Rob McCullough says staff is considering not collecting regular garbage if a green bin isn’t being used. It’s just one of six proposals aimed at increasing organic waste diversion – standardized bin size is another.

“We’re only getting about 40 per cent of the material in the green bin that should be there,” McCullough says.

County staff aim to have 71 per cent of all waste disposed correctly by 2020. Right now that figure’s at 60 per cent.

“Everyone produces materials that should go in the green bin. However, we have got a concept together that would allow people not to participate in the program.”

“The only way we can attain it, is by some pretty specific changes.”

At this point the proposal is still in its preliminary stage, but come next Tuesday it will be presented at a committee meeting where council will have a chance to debate, revise it or toss it out.”

So what about people who compost on their own rather than filling a green bin each week?  It might be worth you sending in your thoughts and feeling to the Simcoe County Warden, Gerry Marshall of Penetanguishene and Midland’s Mayor Gord McKay and Deputy Mayor Mike Ross as to why the county is even considering such a heavy handed approach unilaterally.

If the county decides to shun garbage pickup from local residents they deem as malfeasants for not participating in the County’s program, then that garbage is going to end up elsewhere… like Simcoe County forests and in places it should not be.  Gerry Marshall, what are you thinking?




    1. Lol..what next? Sewer cameras to identify household habits with a threat to shut down your system if you don’t comply with an approved list of flushables? With compliance of 60% which is a pretty good rate, this is just a way to publicly shame taxpayers until they fall in line….you mean there are no more pressing issues the county has ..like maybe jobs or lack of housing they might focus on?

  1. I use the green bin.
    There are some questions that Simcoe County has to answer anout their overall recycling program.
    For starters, are ALL properties included in the program or still just the redidential? How about bringing EVERYONE on board first?
    I was involved with a conference with 350 delegates held at the NSSRC, Midland, last May; we had to bring in our own green bins because municipal properties are not included in the program. That’s not acceptable.
    How about multi – residential apartment buildings? Last time I checked they were not included. Commercial?

  2. my recycling hasnt been picked up for 2 weeks now…i called and asked why…they said because my cardboard was in with my can and plastic…..THEN they show this green box story on tv with a recycling truck with cardboard and cans/plastic all together…..these guys are just lazy…the town needs to rethink this contract/company

  3. its all about the money. Imagine putting potato peels in a landfill and then imagine mixing it with product that could take 100 years to breakdown. The damage those potato skins will do to the environment is unimaginable. Im really getting sick and tired of the word “green” Especially when its really BS brown for a means of an entity getting filthy rich.

  4. Contact Mayor McKay, Deputy Mayor Ross and Penetang’s Mayor Marshall (who is the head of the County Council) and let them know what you think of this initiative. If you don’t tell them what you think, don’t be surprised when then do what they “think” you want them to do as a resident of Simcoe County.

  5. All the stuff that they say doesn’t go into back yard composts must of come from someone who clearly doesn’t compost.. All that stuff goes into my compost.. How do they figure we limit our compost to what they are saying.?

  6. 1. I was never a garbage producer. 2. I am a garbage conveyor. Everyone makes it, I have to unnecessarily pay for it upon purchase of goods and then I wonder why I have more garbage than product ? Now government demands I am the responsible one. The amount of energy wasted sorting, collecting and such, then to have the big truck coming, one truck for this, one for that oh, and now another one for another. To top it all off, I am paying again to dispense with it. STOP already. Back up the bus. Talk some sense for a change. ELIMINATE THE TRASH at the point of manufacture. You cant have garbage if you dont make it. What a concept. Did Michigan not take trash and make ski hills from it ? Darn, it could pay for itself ! I say, lets take GREED out of the equation and re-look at it all.

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County Considering Not Collecting Your Garbage If You Don’t Use Your Green…

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