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Consider Joining: SOS GBGH Facebook Group

Consider Joining: SOS GBGH Facebook Group


In an effort to form a unified front for Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny and Tay Township community members, a new Facebook group has been created by Tom Baker, the author of an open letter that we have published concerning next steps for the fight to save services at the Georgian Bay General Hospital.

The group’s mission is to be a meeting place for members of the non-partisan, public interest group SOS (Save Our Services) GBGH aimed at saving services that are being reduced or lost at Georgian Bay General Hospital in the hopes of ensuring timely, safe, and local healthcare for members of our community.

Please consider joining this Facebook group to join in this unified effort.  OurMidland.ca will continue to publish news concerning this effort as well as articles stemming from submissions from both the public and our journalist contributors at large.

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Click here to visit the new SOS GBGH Facebook Group and click the JOIN button.

In addition, you can e-mail [email protected] to connect with Tom Baker without using social media.

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We commend Tom for not only stepping up with such an abundance of background information but also for starting to organize and mobilize the community.  It is no easy task (we know this only too well) and we have committed to supporting him and the cause.  We must do what we can to keep our services local and intact – serving our generation and the generations to come.


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Consider Joining: SOS GBGH Facebook Group

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