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GBGH Press Release: Emergency Department Milestone

GBGH Press Release: Emergency Department Milestone


Press Release: GBGH emergency department project marks another milestone

Nearly two years after the celebration to mark the opening of phase one of the Emergency Department project at Georgian Bay General Hospital the next phases of the project are about to launch.

The hospital has been given the go-ahead to begin the pre-qualifying stage for prospective contractors for the next stages of construction. Phases two and three will see the construction of a four-bay ambulance garage as well as a retrofit to bring the old spaces into alignment with the new. Pre-qualifying is the step taken before the project goes to RFP after which construction is expected to begin sometime this summer and be complete in 18-24 months.

Phase one – a 6,000 square foot addition – was opened in June of 2014 at a cost of $5-million. That project was funded entirely by the community.

The province committed more than $8-million towards phases two and three and for the past two years the hospital has been working on the plans and schematic block drawings to seek approval from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to proceed to the construction phase.

Capital construction projects at hospitals in Ontario must go through a five-stage approval process. But, before the five stages there is a pre-phase which calls for the development of a Master Program/Master Plan to provide a 20-year view of the physical space requirements and the program needs based on local population and the changing health needs. The Master Program was completed in 2010 at GBGH and helps to determine the services and programs while the Master Plan, completed at the same time, is the site design which ensures the plan can be accomplished on the current property.

When complete, the department will have grown from 10,000 square feet to nearly 17,000 square feet and include new trauma rooms, treatment rooms, ambulance garage, secure areas and waiting rooms.


The planning for a new Emergency Department began in 2001 when the hospital first met with the Foundation to discuss the feasibility of fundraising for such a large project. From those meetings the Our Best Care Campaign was born. It officially launched in 2005-06 and wrapped up in March 2009 after raising $2.1 million for phase one of the project. The hospital applied to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for pre-capital approval in 2007. Construction on phase one began in 2011 and was accomplished with funds raised in the community and no provincial contribution. The official opening was held in June 2014.

The entire project has a $14.1-million price tag.

Phase I is a $5-million build and that is an own-funds project – which means we will get nothing from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to help pay for this capital project.  Phases II and III total approximately $9.1M and we will expect 90% of the costs to be funded by the Ministry which is their formula for capital construction projects and 10% from donations raised through the Foundation. The Foundation over the past three years has been hard at work raising the communities’ 10% share.

Jackie McLauchlin-Welch


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GBGH Press Release: Emergency Department Milestone

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