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Letter: Hospitals & Health Care

Letter: Hospitals & Health Care


Here in Midland we are faced with reduced service at our hospital and everyone is fused. So they should be, as we in Ontario have fallen victim to what happened to the world-renowned British National Health Service. Previous austerity governments in Britain began to dismantle their health system by introducing reforms; one of which was called LHINs.

These pencil pushing, bean counters became one of the means to do this. Moving forward, a previous Ontario government decided this middle management model was the best thing since sliced bread and brought it over the pond to us. Ever since then, the health care system in this province has been slowly dismantled not because there was a lack of money but because privatization seemed like the thing to do. This would allow the Ontario government to waste money in other areas like the 1.1 billion dollar gas plant fiasco. So folks, if we continue to be led down the garden path by bad governance, we deserve what we get. The current neo-liberal system is not sustainable and our children will be the victims of our complacency to embrace real change and take back what we are losing.

Michael Moore’s new movie, when it comes to Canada in a few weeks, will help you better understand what I am saying and the governance model we should be looking at.

John Morgan


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Letter: Hospitals & Health Care

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