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Is Bankruptcy A Solution For Our Hospital?

Is Bankruptcy A Solution For Our Hospital?


Since the end of WW II, Midland hospitals have endured annual shortfalls. This time around Georgian Bay General Hospital is in the red to the tune of millions of dollars.  If the hospital can’t come out from under a whopping debt, the board might want to declare bankruptcy.  

In doing so, Queen’s Park and the current Liberal government will be made aware of our hospital’s status.  Furthermore a private investment company might be willing to buy the hospital’s debt, turn things around and in due course produce a profit for its shareholders.  

Asking town council to help bail out the hospital would seem useless based on requests for financial assistance from delegates who beat down council’s doors at most if not all council meetings.  

Some will still remember when the municipally as a whole was terribly deep in debt and the Province assigned a monitor to get the town back on track.

Meeting high quality health needs is always a costly proposition…..dealing with rising costs to meet these is another matter. It is high time to take get Queen’s Park attention again….and if the Premier isn’t interest then we must turn to Simcoe North MPP Patrick Brown, leader of the Official Opposition to spear head efforts at Question Period and throughout the Legislature to get this issue sorted out once and for all so that staff and patients will never have to worry again about our hospital’s future.

With Brown’s many contacts in the province, in the nation and in both India and Pakistan, surely as our MPP is the right guy to carry the flag; as is MP Bruce Stanton, Simcoe North’s long-standing member in the House of Common.

Something has to be done here or we face a minimalist hospital with a revolving door for patient transfers unless you happen to check into the new mental health wing due to the stress of all this mess and wondering how things got so bad and little recourse until we choose a new government in a few years (or for the Liberal readers, renew it).


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  1. pretty bad if your going to have a baby you have to to rvh to deliver it before you get there porr mother no time to push l just saying

  2. I am not sure if bankruptcy is a viable option here, but profit is not the goal in our health care system nor can it be privatized as suggested. The best we could hope for is to break even in our funding vs services and structure the hospital debt load in line with the funding that we do get from the province through the LHIN. Driving to Orillia in 30 mins is a fantasy. The best you could do on a good day with light traffic and obeying the speed limits is 45. On your typical winter day it’s more like an hour or more. Even in an ambulance, you’re delayed by weather, road conditions and the idiots who don’t pull over for them. It makes no sense to out-source our OB department to another care centre. Elective surgery in town might become a luxury to keep local but emergency surgery and births should be as close to home as possible or we risk devastating outcomes for our mothers and babies.

  3. so the government will not help out financial but waypoint and chigamac counting to get $17000000.(not a done deal jet ) for an over the top freestanding health hub ,if government wants to spent this money on mental health maybe its an idea to get waypoint and chigamac into the hospital and get more funding this way ( it is all health care )

  4. So we will have an empty hospital soon at one end of town and a state of the art health facility at the other end of town hummm makes sense right lol what a stupid government and system we are dealing with

  5. Yes, where is Bruce Stanton? I’m not really sure why you have so much faith in him. With Harper gone who is going to tell him what to think? He seems to be silent on this issue as he seems to be with any issue that is even a little controversial.

    1. It’s more of a Patrick brown issue seeing as he is our sitting provincial member and its the fiberals at Queens park calling the shots

    2. I agree but it wouldn’t hurt for him to speak up. Patrick Brown has been pretty quiet about this issue so far as well.

  6. How come you have to throw in a dig at town council regarding this issue (not that they don’t deserve it at times)but give Patrick Brown, MPP, and Bruce Stanton, MP, a free pass? Along with your profiles on both of them, which might as well been press releases from the Conservative party,it shows that you are not as objective a news source as you claim to be.

  7. So… Let me make sure I’m clear… The hospital wasted millions and millions redoing the hospital which took years to do…and now they won’t be doing so much as delivering babies there??!

    What can we do as a community, to stop this ludicrous. We need these services. They are essential.

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Is Bankruptcy A Solution For Our Hospital?

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