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Is Being Born In Midland Soon To Be History?

Is Being Born In Midland Soon To Be History?


In the past two weeks two infants were born in automobiles as a result of them arriving early while their parents were racing to Toronto hospitals. Can you imagine our hospital shuttering its obstetrics department for good for the lack of funds and parents racing to hospitals in Collingwood, Orillia or Barrie.  Thank goodness midwives are also an important alternative given all circumstances.

It never fails when it comes to cutting costs normally, safety takes the first hit! In this case we are talking about the life of a newborn. The general public needs to petition the hospital board to keep its obstetrics department open at all cost.  Hospitals are designed to save life and limb but  when a life sadly  does fade it isn’t because professionals have not tried their very best.  It shouldn’t matter if 100 or 200 children are born at our hospital….as long as we have a modern facility where infants can safely be born and they and their mothers professionally  cared for.  Come on people, if you were born in a local hospital why shouldn’t this next generation be?

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  1. Has a petition been started regarding this? I would gladly sign. This area has so many people without transportation so even being able to drive to Barrie or Orillia wouldn’t be an option for a lot of people.

    1. excellent point about transportation – as it is, almost all specialists are out of Midland so every time a patient needs medical/health care, they are on their own. The Dr makes the appointment – the patient has to find the way there or forgo the care. How many people in this area already give up necessary health care because there is no transportation to get them there and in many cases, they have no funds to pay for the transportation if they could find it. A sick person and/or an older person is not always able to jump on a bus or a train and then walk or run to an appointment. So how do we get people to appointments in Toronto or Barrie so that they can receive equal access to health care?

  2. I’ve got a question and maybe I’m not seeing the whole thing so pls correct me, so the whole Edge Hill Park development is so that there is a “health hub” located in the area, now why are we getting rid of such services a delivering a baby here? Why is there not a HUGE push or search happening to make sure this service is and will be available in the future? If town council wants a health hub why not bring as many services to this area as possible like Barrie has done? I can see Midland hospital go the way of St. Andrews, with no replacement in the future.

    1. I understood that the ‘hub’ wasn’t really like a clinic but more just the same services already offered by Waypoint and Chigamik, just merged together into one building, so whatever services they offer, I think that is what continues. Not just OBGYN services, what if the eye specialist is forced to halt his service at the hospital? All of those people who require eye care or surgery are going to have to travel – and if they can’t travel because of hardship, physical or financial reasons, what then?

  3. OK, I am a litle Frustrated about this GBGH Situation.., especially about NOT PROVIDING OBGYN DELIVERIES AND OPERATIONS!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Can someone please explain to my WHY a NEW OBGYN moved an office to Penetang last year and NO RECOGNITION or WELCOME was given???? His office is still in Penetang and is taking patients!!! Does anyone even know about this…, bet not!! I had the absolute wonderful experience with DR> SAM OLUPONA at 109 Main St Penteanguishene!!! He has given me my life back!!!! For some reason he is having to do his Deliveries and operations out of Alliston——–WHY IS THAT???? Someone please explain as I have heard confilcting stories.

  4. There used to be two hospitals when penetang had only 5800 people, and Midland had 12,000. Larger population now and less access to basic human rights — health care for women just not important enough. Paddy (Brown) and Kay (Wynne) give yerselves a shake.

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Is Being Born In Midland Soon To Be History?

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