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Mayor Marshall’s Latest Update About GBGH Struggles

Mayor Marshall’s Latest Update About GBGH Struggles


In his latest update Penetanguishene’s Mayor/ County Warden Marshall provided the following update to the community about the Mayors’ Initiatives to help the community fight to keep our services.

“Local Mayors’ checked in for a status update with the GBGH Board Chair and CEO. And a meeting with the NSM-LHIN CFO and Board Chair for an update and information sharing session also occurred. The current funding formula challenges for smaller hospitals such as GBGH and the need for changes to the formula were top of mind in both meetings.

Given that 5 of the 19 smaller hospitals at risk under the current funding formula are in the NSMLHIN a meeting with the Orillia, Midland, Alliston, Bracebridge and Collingwood Mayors and Deputy Mayor was held. The group was asked to meet with their local Hospital CFO/CEO’s to assist in developing a compelling case for the Province that will convince them to implement needed changes to the current funding formula for small hospitals such as GBGH. We start with the following series of questions

Series One: Why the current formula doesn’t work ? Why (and Where) does the current formula fail to adequately fund your hospital? What has led to the funding shortfall? (new service requirements, provincial cutbacks, population growth, other)

Series Two: What is the current impact upon your hospital? Characterize its severity. What happens over the next five years if no changes are made? How will you cope/respond? How is it likely to affect your surrounding community?

Series Three: What types of changes must be made to the formula to make it work for your hospital? Must the formula be completely rethought? Recognizing that money is tight, how will your hospital mission/operations change to optimize your hospital (and hospital system) efficiency?

We will next Develop – A text containing the above arguments // A spreadsheet showing the financial situation under the current formula // A spreadsheet showing the financial situation under the modified funding formula // a statement showing the funding delta for the province //”

We remain optimistic that a political solution can be crafted but also remind the community that this effort cannot be left to the politicians. The community must continue to organize and engage as the mayor’s are a quartet but together, we are a choir.

We will have an update about an event at Queens Park in the days to come where we encourage all concerned to citizens to attend in unity to show the Premiere (all the media in attendance) that we mean business and won’t stand for these cuts to our valuable services.


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Mayor Marshall’s Latest Update About GBGH Struggles

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