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Press Release About GBGH Board Meeting

Press Release About GBGH Board Meeting


Notice about Georgian Bay General Hospital’s Board Meeting
Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.
Penetanguishene Site Cafeteria

Immediate Release – May 24, 2016

Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) would like to clarify questions community members have been asking about the hospital Board meeting on May 26, 2016.

The three committees tasked with looking at the 14 Operational Review recommendations regarding clinical services – ICU, surgery and OB – will be providing their reports to the GBGH Board at its meeting this week.  The committees were struck in March to review the clinical Operational Review recommendations, propose solutions that address quality and safety and stay within the current funding framework, and bring their recommendations to the Board at the end of May.

At the Board meeting this Thursday, each committee will report to the Board about the process they undertook, the options they considered, and their recommendations.

As GBGH stated in past communications to the community, the Board will receive these reports at the May 26 meeting but will not be making any decisions at the meeting regarding the three clinical areas and the committees’ recommendations specifically.  

Given the critical importance of these clinical services, the Board will need time to properly review and consider the committees’ analysis and proposals before making any decisions. The Board will, therefore, consider how to proceed with the recommendations this fall.

GBGH has not made any changes to clinical services since the Operational Review and the Board will not decide or act on any service changes in the clinical areas reviewed without communicating with the community first.

It is important to note that all proposed clinical service changes must also be considered by the NSM LHIN and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care before any final decisions are made, which is the process followed for all Ontario hospitals. During his recent meeting with the Mayor of Penetanguishene, Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care confirmed that no decisions regarding clinical services at GBGH have been made and acknowledged the need for different long-term solutions to ensure the community’s access to critical health care services.

We would like to recognize and thank the committee members for their commitment to this process and hard work over the past three months for our community.

Jackie McLauchlin-Welch
Director, Communications & Health Information Services


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  1. That is an interesting press release. No changes have been made yet I again heard out in the community about a young mother to be who discussed with her family doctor that she wished to deliver in Midland. He does not do deliveries so he apparently said to her go to Barrie to have your baby. He sent her to Barrie for prenatal US and at one of them she was asked why she was there she said “my doctor sent me” Apparently there were no issues with her pregnancy. She repeadly asked to be seen by a local family practitioner for her delivery but did not receive a referral until six weeks before her delivery. When she wnet into labour she went up to the hospital and was told apparently by ER staff we cant deliver your baby here we dont have anyone who can do that. So my quetion is”If nothing has changed at GBGH why are there so many stories floating around to the contrary. She did deliver when her mother showed up and was recognized as a staff person–everything changed. Something needs to be done about the misinformation–I will copy and paste to GBGH SOS.

  2. well back in june 2010 I had to go to this hospital .the first time I had a blood sack on my right ankle was a far size I saw a so called doctor he told me after an x ray it was broken he put on a hard cast on bottom and wrapped with tensor then told to take it off in 2 days put on a air boot .when we took it off the infection was over my knee .was rushed to midland hospital but they could do nothing for me so I was rushed to owen sound .I was told I should have been taken to Toronto .what I can not under stand is you go to midland and they don’t do nothing but send you to other hospitals .and the doctor at midland should be better trained to know what blood poisonings is and know how to read a x ray .so I can see why there having the problems there having .

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Press Release About GBGH Board Meeting

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