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Lessons Learned: Quality Improvement In A Hospital


Doctor Mike Evans from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto shares some innovative approaches and thoughts about how to improve the effectiveness of health care in the Province and provides some models for working smarter and not harder when dealing with many challenges in health care provision.

Budget changes, the transition towards “centres of excellence” and the way that funding is provided to hospitals in the Province is forcing tough decisions like those we see our Georgian Bay General Hospital faced with after their performance review.   Perhaps lessons learned from other hospitals in the Province can help management and staff find ways to get through this turbulence.

Watch for more coverage in the days to come as we build out on the story behind the performance review, what it means and what can be done to support our hospital through this process of change.




  1. The hospital has been taught a variety of Quality Transformation processes but somehow they manage to forget that in or for Quality transformation to work the management and the board have to be willing to allow the hierarchical triangle to be flipped and they have to trust that the people doing the jobs know how to fix the systems in which they work.

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Lessons Learned: Quality Improvement In A Hospital

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