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Where You Can Sign The SOS GBGH Petition

Where You Can Sign The SOS GBGH Petition


Tom Baker from the SOS GBGH action group, born out of the service cutting recommendations found in a contentious report on our local hospital’s performance (financially and otherwise) has launched a petition to the Provincial Government to fix the health care funding model.

Tom is quoted from the Facebook group as saying “Over the coming days, busy volunteers will continue to reach every community impacted by the potential reductions/losses of services at GBGH to deliver petitions.  We have many more people to contact in many more communities. The volunteers are working diligently to get the petitions distributed. If you would like to help with distribution to business in your community, please contact me.”  The petitions are paper and pen and required hand-written signatures.  The Provincial government does not accept online or e-petitions.


– Ciboulette et Cie @ 248 King Street, Midland
– Grounded Coffee @ 292 King Street, Midland
– Tripps Paint & Decorating Shoppe @ 259 King Street, Midland
– History Barbershop Co. @ 9319 County Road #93, Midland
– Bourgeois Motors @ 281 Cranston Cres, Midland
– Shoes to [email protected] 261 King St., Midland
– Georgian Bay Windsurfing @ 339 King Street, Midland
– Serendipi Tea Room @ 244 King Street, Midland
– Cellarman’s Ale House @ 337 King Street, Midland
– Meatland @ 229 Midland Avenue, Midland
– Splash Events & Floral Design @ 347King Street, Midland
– Image Salon @ 219 King Street, Midland
– Elegant Gourmet @ 235 King Street, Midland
– Graffiti Art Inc. @ 239 King Street, Midland
– Central Marine @ 171 Midland Avenue, Midland
– No Borders Fitness and Wellness @ 727 William Street, Midland
– Blair Interiors @ 305 King Street, Midland
– Walmart Pharmacy @ 16845 Hwy 12, Midland
– Bayshore Dental Centre @ 450 Bay Street, Midland
– The Pebble Tree @ 255 King Street, Midland


– Brenda’s Confectionary @ 108 Robert St. E., Penetanguishene
– Gignac’s Auto Service @ 161 Main St, Penetanguishene
– Manulife Securities @ 175 Main Street, Penetaguishene
– The Pet Shoppe @ 175 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Gidley’s Galley @ 2 Poyntz Street, Penetanguishene
– CAMP Collectibles @ 72 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– The Reading Room @ 27 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Make A Mess Art Studio @ 100 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Captain Ken’s Diner and Pub @ 70 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– OMG! Furniture & Fashions @ 77 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Kim’s Bright Ideas and Boutique @ 83 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Arbour’s Flower Shop @ 89 Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Marlynn’s BuroPLUS @ 71 rue Main Street, Penetanguishene
– Froth Cafe @ 102 Main Street, Penetanguishene


– L.A. Cafe @ 520 Cedar Point Road, Lafontaine


– The Village Mercantile @ 154 William Street, Victoria Harbour
– G.I. Jane Personal Training Services @ 138 Maskinonge Road, Victoria Harbour
– Cheryl’s Place @ 119 William Street, Victoria Harbour
– Guardian Tay Pharmacy @ 152 William Street, Victoria Harbour
– Dayden Salon @ 172 William Street, Victoria Harbour
– Palace Pizza @ 338 Park Street, Victoria Harbour


Liquidator Inc. @ 536 Talbot Street, Port McNicoll


Derek Roberts Country Store @ 430 Pine Street, Waubaushene


The General Store Port Severn @ 3274 Port Severn Rd, Severn ON

PLEASE NOTE:  Please sign only one petition. This is extremely important as it could impact the legitimacy of the petition otherwise.  ** indicates locations where the petition is still pending delivery

If you would like to host petitions at your place of business, contact [email protected]


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  1. I’m was in town last weekend and signed. You guys need to take this all the way but since this involves so many other small communities, you really need to band together on this one. Shaming the Wynne government won’t work. They have no shame or they would have all stepped aside and dissolved parliament long ago over all the scandals.

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Where You Can Sign The SOS GBGH Petition

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