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Wynne’s Focus Is On Liquor Instead Of Healthcare

Wynne’s Focus Is On Liquor Instead Of Healthcare


Have you ever wondered how deep in debt provincial hospitals would be if they weren’t bolstered by volunteers and auxiliaries? Major metro hospitals have volunteers in the thousands. Closer to home there’s always a need for more dedicated volunteers.

One gets the feeling that the Provincial government doesn’t give a damn about health care needs. Petitions seem to fall on deaf ears. In many cases equipment need to be updated, nurses are being laid off, physicians starting to leave the province in droves, most facilities are in the red as a result of less provincial funding, the beat goes on.

While Wynne promotes beer and wine sales in super markets, our health service is taking a beating with no solution in sight.

Grits at Queen’s Park continue to squander their image to the point that two years from now they will be turfed out on their ears. Queen’s Park MUST listen to the people,  take the bull by the horns, and come up with a formulae to once and for all to give our health care the funding it deserves so nurses won’t be laid off, doctors won’t leave Ontario and medical graduates will be happy to set up shop in this province.

When will the Premier understand she has a tiger by its tail and it is up to her government to deal with this matter now as opposed to making  it a campaign promise (funding) next time around!


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  1. did ya really think nshe gave a dam about or less fortunate,, she,s eyeballin a healthy pension and a corporate position,, no doubt with Hydro 1

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Wynne’s Focus Is On Liquor Instead Of Healthcare

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