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You Can’t Submit E-Petitions To The Ontario Government

You Can’t Submit E-Petitions To The Ontario Government


A sad reality is that our Provincial legislature is behind the times, either to make it more difficult for citizens to petition for change simply because they are Luddites still carrying flip-phones and using dial-up internet on their Windows95™ desktop computers.

It seems that when the time comes to petition the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (and that time is soon coming) for changes to funding it cannot be an online or “e-petition”.  The Province only accepts paper submissions, with ink signatures of each participant.

This rules out a host of online petition tools that have seen massive change world-wide as well as the fact that the Federal Government allows for e-petitions (using a tool they host on their website).

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario does not accept e-petitions. It does provide detailed information on how to petition the Assembly on the Assembly’s website, including information on what happens after the petition is presented in the House. There is also a template provided to ensure petitions have the correct form.

So, when the time comes (and it will) to call on our community to sign a petition to make change to the funding of our Local Health Integration Network that would stop the service cuts recommended by the controversial report they commissioned, it will take the form of paper documents, strategically placed around the community and require people to attend and sign it in ink for it to count.

Please don’t start your own electronic online petition in relation to these matters.

Instead, channel your efforts through the new GBGH Advocates Group and watch for updates about petitions and where you can go to sign one.  This is very important.

Perhaps we could have a paper petition simultaneously demanding that our Province, learn from our Federal government, move into the millennium and begin accepting online petitions for change in addition the ink and paper.  This might be a good concept for our new MPP Patrick Brown (@brownbarrie) to get behind.


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You Can’t Submit E-Petitions To The Ontario Government

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