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Penetanguishene To Propose Merging With Midland Library?

Penetanguishene To Propose Merging With Midland Library?


In Gerry Marshall’s “warden’s update” emailed out to the community, he references a meeting to take place in Midland on Tuesday to “discuss potential Library opportunities between Midland and Penetanguishene”.  This surprise comes on the heals of the untimely and sudden “retirement” of Bill Molesworth from the Midland Library after having his budget slashed, suggestions of him using volunteers as “staff” and losing even more of his IT support.

It is sad, but not unexpected, that we learn about this from a neighbouring municipality’s email instead of our of our own Council.   When did this plan come into fruition.  Was disposing of our library’s CEO part of this plan?  What does Midland gain from this?  What exactly is Council cooking up and when were they planning on seeking input from the communities served by both Midland and Penetanguishene’s libraries?

With Council’s rejection of their 75th percentile capital / asset cutting exercise in favour of reaching the hallowed 75th percentile on the backs of town staff in the form of wages and benefit cuts, things are starting to come into focus.

While Councillor Strathearn’s carefully crafted motion (seemingly prepared in advance of the meeting) introduced last Wednesday December 9th speaks directly to this assertion, we can only conclude that it’s “out with the senior staff “who built, grew and managed this community’s assets into their current state – and “in with low-paid replacements” to keep it running.

Combining services in our communities can make sense, provide efficiencies and save both money and duplication of effort but only when it is done right, equally benefits all involved and entered into in good faith.

How does one manager / CAO / CEO serve two masters in two communities?  Our new joint fire chief will soon know the answer when he delivers the efficiencies report early next year.  If he fails to please will he be joining his predecessor Kevin Foster?

Maybe the town of Midland will speak to this matter sooner than later… Once again we ask… Does the community get a say and how much are we saving and to who’s benefit?  Ours or Penetanguishene’s?  And was retiring our librarian part of the plan?

Perhaps someone from the Midland Library Board or even Gerry Marshall will contact us to clarify what the proposal is/was and keep the community up-to-date about this event that was made so publicly known by Penetanguishene’s Mayor through his County Warden’s update.

Here is Gerry Marshall’s latest update as Warden of Simcoe County:


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  1. I was kind of surprised when I read that on Sunday too. That is one service I can’t see merging. Penetang Library has some archival collections that are amazing and invaluable to the region – and – they provide fully bilingual services to the area. It will be a huge mistake if they sacrifice one library for the other. Then again, they closed PSS and justified it by some twisted logic and objections of many so, I guess they’ll do whatever they want. Sad.

    1. Just one thing to point out; the municipal government has nothing to do with closing the schools, they are controlled by the province . As much as I’d like to agree with you because I do think the mayors and councilors of both towns needlessly slash and burn budgets to impress the 1%, that wasn’t them.

  2. Yep. They’ll do whatever they want. Perfect example, the rezoning of Edgehill Park. Over 1800 residents against it yet they still pushed it through even though there’s an OMB APPEAL that’s been filed to stop it. They’re using our own tax dollars to fight the taxpayers who put them in the position to make decisions on our behalf. Boggles the mind!

  3. Gerry Marshall has yet to return our contact requests but we see that the proposed sharing of the CEO (head librarian) has been tabled for consideration. The library board issued a terse rebuttal saying this is not a merger. Call it what you want, it is the merging of two positions into one and the global oversight of both community’s libraries by one new proposed shared resource. Read the article at http://ow.ly/WeyRl

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Penetanguishene To Propose Merging With Midland Library?

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