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Midland Bay Landing Status Update?

Midland Bay Landing Status Update?


Our last investigation into the status of the Midland Bay Landing project resulted in some hasty press releases by Mayor Gord McKay and then CAO Carolynn Tripp to clear the air and come clean on what was really going on with the deal.

With the upcoming “open house” this Thursday, we expect some more transparency from our leaders about the state of this project, which to many seems to be near failure…

You should expect to get an update from the Mayor about why this project has stalled, what happened to the contractor’s funding and partnerships and what assurances we have this project will continue this spring.  We will be asking why we remain committed to what is turning out to be failure after failure and why we should not terminate the agreement and shop for a more viable developer who actually has money and will meet our contractual benchmarks – even the simplest of them which is the remediation of the land so it is not such an eyesore.

The real question is… has the developer defaulted in any way on the agreement – payments or milestones… if so, are we prepared to cut ties and start over?


? Should We Pick A New Developer If This One Fails Us?
If the developer fails to meet any of his obligations do you support cancelling the contract and looking for a new developer?
Yes23 votes ( 96% )
No1 votes ( 4% )


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Midland Bay Landing Status Update?

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