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Mayor Gord McKay Fires His CAO Carolyn Tripp

Mayor Gord McKay Fires His CAO Carolyn Tripp


In a flood of credible news tips today, it is reported that Carolyn Tripp, the town’s CAO was walked out of her office this morning after having been terminated.

One of our sources said “Why she needed to be humiliated in front of all the town staff and marched out with her box of belongings is beyond all of us. She managed to hug a few colleagues and then was escorted out like a common criminal”.

Usually that is a tactic employed to send a clear message to everyone who witnesses it.  Perhaps some tact could have been employed unless the clear absence of tact was the message that the Mayor wanted to send to the rest of his staff.

Carolyn joined Midland in her capacity on March 11th 2013 replacing Ted Walker (who retired to the Town of Penetanguishene) after leaving a CAO position at the Township of Georgian Bay.  Prior to CAO, she was project manager for the Muskoka Wharf Development in Gravenhurst Ontario as well as being a senior planner for the Town of Gravenhurst.

Gord McKay was quoted as saying “Miss Tripp has been successful in all facets of her career – we look forward to welcoming her to the Town of Midland. I am confident that we will see the town prosper under her leadership.”

thanks-from-the-mayorApparently he has since changed his opinion.  We will follow-up on this story as more information becomes available.  We welcome commentary from Ms. Tripp but expect she will remain silent as the terms of her severance are worked out.

Once again we ask:  How much is this costing us? The settlements for unjust dismissal or even just to sign a gag order (the stories she could tell…) will cost the Midland taxpayer dearly and you can bet we will never know the true costs.

What’s more is that Ted Walker is about to finish his term in Penetanguishene leaving that CAO job vacant.  Is this another Gerry Marshall “shared services” opportunity for Penetang and Midland to share a new joint CAO.  Was this part of the plan? Is there a plan?  What is going on at Town Hall? Who’s next?

Also troubling is the report that negotiations with the town’s IBEW union are scheduled for next week.  Is this coincidental timing or “a message”.  OPSEU negotiations begin soon as well.

2013 News Source: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/2055100-town-announces-hiring-of-new-cao/

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    1. Council would have voted in favour of this move. These discussions happen in-camera (closed session) so the community would have no idea about this until it happens.

  1. In the past couple of years there have been a number of top excellent employees terminated from their positions at the Town of Midland, including myself. It sounds a little too suspicious to why certain people and positions were terminated and the so called “Dream Team” is being created. I can only imagine one of two people getting this job, but if smart one of two former retired CAO’s would get that office back to where it once was an amazing place to work and Council elections couldn’t be soon enough to stop making so many bad decisions because now people’s jobs and lives are at your fault.

  2. If someone of that calibre is let go, there are more reasons than can’t be made public. Ms. Tripp deserves some privacy. If you are not privy to all the details and facts, it’s hard to take sides and some things are just that, private (based on the Labour Code and Human Rights codes). Having said that, it is very sad.

    1. Thank you. I would love to know the circumstances behind this termination. That’s not an easy job. Most people walk away from that type of job rather then being asked to leave.

  3. I have had several dealings with MS. Tripp all with a ZERO Satisfaction outcome. She definitely plays favor to her team of Sunshine Lister’s as opposed to the concerns of hard working tax paying citizens. Mr. Mayor finally caught on to what a crappy job she was
    doing and is probably trying to save face before the public hears what another waste of tax payers money she was.

    1. Why not take the time to get the facts before making such slanderous and defamatory comments.

      You might just be surprised to find out the REAL facts regarding ALL that is taking place behind closed doors; If and When those details are ever made public.

      The questions we should ALL ask of EVERY politician are;

      Who is really in control?
      What is the real agenda being implemented?
      Who’s Agenda is it?
      Are the motivations and actions of our political leaders in the best interests of the constituents they represent OR do they just serve to promote a hidden agenda that serves a select few while the bulk of the costs go to the public and the public suffers most of the detrimental consequences?

      1. Would you like to hear about my dealings I have no problem sharing them publicly. She is hiding the short comings of our over paid public employees .So I stand 100% behind my comments

        1. I have no need to hear the narcissistic complaints of an individual who appears to be concerned with nothing but their own wants and needs.

          Like I already stated; I suggest you look at the bigger picture of things to see what is REALLY going on in government political meeting rooms everywhere and at every level of government from Municipal to Federal!

          Mangers in the public sector only implement what they are instructed to implement by YOUR ELECTED political leaders.

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Mayor Gord McKay Fires His CAO Carolyn Tripp

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