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Cody Oschefski Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote


Cody Oschefski provides the rationale behind his vote on the controversial bylaws to rezone Edgehill Park paving the way for a health hub to be built on the parkland.

We give him a FAIL.  Evidently, he cannot grasp that he is being asked to re-zone parkland; and instead feels compelled to say why he supports the intended use instead of the whether a new use is warranted or un-warranted. Our contention has been all along that this is not about Waypoint/Chigamik, but about the commercialization of parkland… period.  He could not wrap his mind around this and was not alone.

Especially aggravating is this first-term councillor, seemed upset that citizens passionate about finding an alternative location on which to settle the health hub, were bombarding him with suggestions, all of which were dismissed as unsuitable by Waypoint, Chigamik and this Council without ever explaining the rationale behind those conclusions.

Furthermore, he fails to consider the losses (economic and aesthetic), known as “injurious affection” to the homes and residents who’s sight lines to Georgian Bay and the parkland are lost by his actions and without any consideration or offer of compensation.

Sorry Cody, we love the fact that you actually communicate online with the community, but you evidently listen without actually ‘hearing’… this earns you a FAIL.  




  1. …maybe you should try being a councillor, it’s not that easy. As the old saying goes, “you can’t please all of the people, all of the time…”. He DOES hear you, and he IS listening to you, but he has a lot more people’s opinions to consider beside just yours. This is nothing more than just sour grapes, because you did not get your own way. A little more constructive criticism of a mature level would go a lot further for you, if you want people to take “Our Midland” seriously.

    1. Scott, thanks for weighing in! It is too early to cast us as having sour grapes. This decision is a set-back but, as Cody has said, it has several more steps to become a reality. Constructive criticism is best levied by those who don’t have anything at stake. Past Housing Minister, Steven Gilchrist, whose post is on this website, provides more than enough impartial rationale for not voting to proceed, yet Cody and five others chose to ignore this advice and charge forward. That is why he earns a fail on this one. For not learning from past mistakes and being destined to repeat them and ignoring the wisdom of those older, far more experienced and detached from the issues, he earns a fail. Not because we have an axe to grind with him. We like him. He talks to us.

  2. We had a great visit with Cody after the Planning and Development meeting tonight. We like Cody and support much of the work he has tried to get done in the town. Youthful enthusiasm. We respect that. We couldn’t get him on board with Edgehill, but it has gone to legal and County challenges now. We still have high hopes for Cody over the next 3 years.

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Cody Oschefski Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote

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