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George MacDonald Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote


George MacDonald provides the rationale behind his vote on the controversial bylaws to rezone Edgehill Park paving the way for a health hub to be built on the parkland.

We give him a FAIL.  Evidently, he cannot grasp that he is being asked to re-zone parkland; and instead feels compelled to say why he supports the intended use instead of the whether a new use is warranted or un-warranted. Our contention has been all along that this is not about Waypoint/Chigamik, but about the commercialization of parkland… period.  He could not wrap his mind around this and was not alone.

Especially aggravating is this ex-mayor has been working on this since circa 2008.  He has been both the chair and a board member of Chigamik for years and despite stepping down after his re-election, is anything but impartial when it comes to matters relating to Chigamik CHC.  Accordingly, he felt no need to bother with declarations of conflict of interest in any of the matters relating to his ardent support of this initiative.  Not one to be bothered with optics, he simply stays the course and sees that his original plan is realized by this council.

Furthermore, he fails to consider the losses (economic and aesthetic), known as “injurious affection” to the homes and residents who’s sight lines to Georgian Bay and the parkland are lost by his actions and without any consideration or offer of compensation.

Sorry George, we love the fact that you are passionate about this worthy organization whom we all support, but you evidently cannot put the environment first, nor the community, many of whom are clients of Waypoint and Chigamik, before your own vision and ambitions… this earns you a FAIL.  




  1. One track mind,sorry George but there is always two sides and you did not acknowledge the side of the PARK belonging to Midland residents,all of us!!!!!

  2. This guy is so deep in this I hope you contact the ombudsman to review all his votes on this matter since inception. One of the councillors says this started back in 2008? Was this guy on the council then too?

  3. No but he is a past mayor. He was on Chigamik ‘ board of directors I believe as chair until he was re-elected. I am not 100% how long he held his position with chigamik.

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George MacDonald Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote

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