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Mike Ross Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote


Deputy Mayor Mike Ross provides the rationale behind his vote on the controversial bylaws to rezone Edgehill Park paving the way for a health hub to be built on the parkland.

We give him a FAIL.  Evidently, he cannot grasp that he is being asked to re-zone parkland; and instead feels compelled to say why he supports the intended use instead of the whether a new use is warranted or un-warranted. Our contention has been all along that this is not about Waypoint/Chigamik, but about the commercialization of parkland… period.  He could not wrap his mind around this and was not alone.

Especially aggravating is that this seasoned councillor, quoted a single person who approached him in support of this project as more substantive than the opposition of the 2200+ signatures he was presented with against the proposal.

We are simply amazed that the anecdotal account of one person’s support can trump 2200+  signatories and the voters who came out to public meetings, provided ample written and oral evidence and received the support of one of the co-authors of today’s Planning Act.

Furthermore, he got misty when recounting a “ball diamond” that got turned into public housing as a child.  His recollection differs from some of his peers who grew up next to him who describe the “sandlot” as being owned by public housing and that they played on it until the homes were actually built.

Furthermore, he fails to consider the losses (economic and aesthetic), known as “injurious affection” to the homes and residents who’s sight lines to Georgian Bay and the parkland are lost by his actions and without any consideration or offer of compensation.

Sorry Mike, we love the fact that you are so emotionally motivated, but you evidently listen without actually ‘hearing’ and forgot what it was you were actually voting for… this earns you a FAIL.  



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Mike Ross Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote

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