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Jack Contin Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote


Jack Contin provides the rationale behind his vote on the controversial bylaws to rezone Edgehill Park paving the way for a health hub to be built on the parkland.

We give him a PASS.  Evidently, he successfully grasped that he is being asked to re-zone parkland and not to make a finding of worthiness about Waypoint/Chigamik.  He also noted that critical details were not provided to Council and objected to be asked to make decisions without all the relevant financial information.  Council forged ahead pushing their agenda to turn over this parkland.

Watch and listen to his carefully considered comments.




  1. Good position. Why couldn’t you influence the rest. My bet is they treat you with indifference and don’t understand the cultural connections. Megwich brother.

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Jack Contin Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote

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