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Patricia File Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote


Patricia File provides the rationale behind her vote on the controversial bylaws to rezone Edgehill Park paving the way for a health hub to be built on the parkland.

We give her a PASS.  Evidently, she successfully grasped that she is being asked to re-zone parkland and not to make a finding of worthiness about Waypoint/Chigamik.

Watch and listen to her carefully considered comments.  The town failed to provide Council with key numbers and the draft lease.  It was inappropriate to force a vote without being provided all the facts that Council asked for.  Evidently, only three Councillors were actually wanting to make an informed decision that was not based on their ‘feelings’ and clouded objectivity over the proposed tenant of this parkland.  For her clarity she earns as PASS.




  1. My law buddies have linked to this video. She makes an excellent point and covers several issues that Council should be very mindful of. I suspect she just avoided getting sued.

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Patricia File Edgehill Park Re-Zoning Vote

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