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Next Steps: Send In Your Thoughts To Simcoe County Planning

Next Steps: Send In Your Thoughts To Simcoe County Planning


The next steps in the repeal of Midland’s bylaws to convert Edgehill Park to commercial development is to contest the amendment of the Official Plan (officially called OPA #8) to the County of Simcoe’s Planning Department.  The County of Simcoe is our town’s “Big Brother” when it comes to planning matters, amongst other things.

We ask that you raise your voice and submit your letters of concern to the County of Simcoe Planning Department asking them to disallow the Town of Midland’s amendments to the Official Plan #8 and send it back for re-work, namely that rezoning parkland is bad planning and should be reserved to a last-resort decision.  It is our contention that, although they painted this plan as the “only” viable way for the health hub to be built in Midland,  there are many other options that should be explored before making the decisions that they did.  The most important issue is the “fog” around the funding options available to both the CHC (Chigamik) and Waypoint and the fact that they had considered 20+ other locations (none of which were ‘donated’ land) and would have built the hub there if they were not successful at securing our community parkland.

This lack of clarity by both these proponents led Council and many citizens to the false conclusion that free parkland was the “only option” for the health hub.  It is now becoming obvious to many looking at this objectively, that this whole deal was made-to-order to allow for the funding applications by both Waypoint and Chigamik (CHC) and that nothing the community would say or do could have any impact on this Council.  Ultimately, three members of Council (Contin, File, Main) could not support this initiative due to the many un-answered questions that planning staff had failed to provide on the evening of the vote, namely a draft lease agreement and confirmation that the new health hub would pay ANY taxes or development fees, and how much those will be.  Despite not having answers to these simple imperatives, the rest of Council pushed ahead and voted to proceed without all the facts.

We encourage you to write your own letter but have also prepared letters (attached below) that cover the issues that our members have raised as concerns.  If you wish to use the prepared letter, please download a copy, complete it and mail it to the address below (also on the letter).

In all version of our letters, we ask the County to confirm receipt as well as to reply with how we can participate in the approval process beyond simply voicing our concerns in writing.

Send all correspondence to the address below and make sure you quote MIDLAND OPA PLAN #8

County Of Simcoe
1110 Highway 26,
Midhurst, Ontario
L0L 1X0

Re: Midland OPA Plan #8


Three sample letters are attached below, read each and use them as inspiration or simply sign the one you prefer and mail it in.

Thanks for helping us convince our elected officials to do the right thing, even if we have to go over their heads to get that to happen.



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Next Steps: Send In Your Thoughts To Simcoe County Planning

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