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Outsourcing Police May Offer Up‐Front Short Term Gains But…

Outsourcing Police May Offer Up‐Front Short Term Gains But…


RE: “Dispatch service officially gone“, The Mirror, November 19, 2015

The outsourcing of dispatch of the Midland Police Service is not a surprise as it reflects Midland Council’s stated commitment to find savings in its operations by pursuing outsourcing and privatization of municipal services. This change will save taxpayers $250,000 per year, but the real costs to the community go far beyond a line on the budget document; a service reduction, and 8 well paying jobs gone from the community.

While I applaud the efforts to minimize the impact of this service reduction by making improvements to the access of the police station after hours, the loss of the 8 jobs is most worrisome and costly to the community. These 8 jobs are worth far more than $250,000 to the community than the savings this move represents. Every business in town feels the impact of every single job loss because people cut back on spending, move away to find work, and there is a lesser demand overall on business services.

Job creation and economic development have been identified as priorities by this Council and yet there have been several well paying jobs eliminated already in the overall municipal operation. It is far more beneficial to the local economy that tax dollars be spent on salaries to provide jobs and services than paying for severances.

Lastly, outsourcing and privatizing public services has been proven to offer up‐front, short term gains, but it is a costly choice for the long run especially after all assets and infrastructure have been disposed of; something for Midland Council to keep in mind while it considers disposing valuable assets and services such as the Midland Police Service and Midland’s own Public Utility company, MPUC.

Editor’s Note:  You may also be interested in this revelation… click to read the article about how the Economic Development Corporation’s co-chair publicly supported the outsourcing at the OCPC hearing.

Zena PendleburyZena Pendlebury,
Councillor,  Town of Midland 2006 – 2014


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  1. The liquidation of assets by any council is an alarm that the constituents should be alert to. This council is having a fire sale???? Excuse my texting form, but (WTF) The larger agenda needs to be made public. Some Councils fail,,,, but to liquidate to cover such inexperience doesn’t right a wrong.
    Just a thought!

  2. Look at penatang they got ride of the police service and now are paying the price as well as hydro 1 with there outrageous charges midland need to wake up see the bigger picture

  3. So I guess we all know how you are going to vote when it comes down to it? Nothing like making your mind up – in public – before even comparing two alternatives and looking for the best value for your community. I have two buddies who work for OPP and they are guaranteed, in their contracts, to have the highest police salaries in the province. So… going OPP is what you do when you want to save money? I’ve got a buddy with a Mercedes dealership who’d like to “save the town some money” on their next fleet purchases. OPP is not how you save money on policing. Wynn is. Get her to control police salaries in her own back yard and then we can all enjoy the benefits as others follow suit. I’ve learned all this from your own town’s police on policingtruths.com

  4. Don’t be presumptuous, Justin Case. I was just responding to a comment, clearing up misinformation about Penetang and their policing costs. Had she of said Tiny township, I would have agreed that their prices have increased since the switch.

  5. Ok… fair enough… I look forward to your clear analysis of the two options (unless there is a 3rd) when the time comes Cody Oschefski. I may not live there much in the off-season, but I still pay my taxes year-round and expect the most VALUE for the MONEY, not the lowest bidder! We’ve all seen how that works out around the Province over, and over, and over again…

  6. You know.. I just reminded myself of the 3rd option.. you guys tried to make a new police dept that joined Penetang and Midland to save money & increase efficiencies. That failed as I recall after some nefarious deceit by that Council (according to the paper’s account – which means it likely was even worse than reported). Why not take another run at joining forces (pun intended) since you both have already undertaken to join up in other service delivery options now… I am surprised that this has not been revisited as part of the search for savings and efficiencies. Cody Oschefski?

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Outsourcing Police May Offer Up‐Front Short Term Gains But…

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