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Downtown Safety Committee Member Speak About Policing

Downtown Safety Committee Member Speak About Policing


So, the OPP can’t provide any savings.  Interesting.  Now that the costings are established as equal, on what basis will the decision, if any, be made?

I’ve worked in three communities and, while doing so, have dealt with a wide variety of people and their issues.  The experiences I’ve had with the various police services leads me to one conclusion.

In the first, we were served by a detachment of the RCMP – I never saw the same officer twice in six years. The second, much larger, community had its own municipal service and while staffing was more stable we still didn’t have any specific liaison and, though things may have changed, training for mental health and sensitivity was sorely lacking.

In Midland, however, the force is strongly identified with the community, has excellent training in dealing with very difficult situations, takes advantage of services to assist those who need it and listens.

They do a very difficult job with reduced resources and a strong sense of job insecurity and get very little credit.

As a member of the Downtown Safety Committee, chaired by the Mayor, and in other venues, I have argued that a properly funded and supported Outreach program and a Police Service that meets standards of personnel to population would well be able to create a safe and welcoming environment throughout our community.

Bill Molesworth


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Downtown Safety Committee Member Speak About Policing

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