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KPMG Report’s OPP Savings Was Not Costed

KPMG Report’s OPP Savings Was Not Costed


In yesterday’s paper Jenni did an article about the OPP costing.

It mentions a $750,000 potential cost saving to the Town as identified by KPMG if the Town were to switch to the OPP.

What is not mentioned is the fact that this $750,000 figure quoted by KPMG was never actually costed; it represents a figure that is taken from other “similar” cases and may or may not be reflective of actual savings at all.

When KPMG did this study which is being referred to now I was a member of council and questioned KPMG if this was a costed figure; I was told that it was not.

I thought I would let you know for the sake of clarity and accuracy of information.

LINK: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/6195160-midland-approves-opp-costing-request/

Zena PendleburyZena Pendlebury,
Councillor,  Town of Midland 2006 – 2014


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  1. Everything this current Council does and those unelected folks who pull their strings scares me! Denile is a river in Egypt, the good ship Midland is heading for a shoal!
    Jim Attwood

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KPMG Report’s OPP Savings Was Not Costed

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