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Midland Council Chooses OPP For Midland


The meeting was long, the deputations full of passion from both sides of the debate. In the end, the vote to accept the OPP quote came down to:

Gord Mckay – Yes
Mike Ross – Yes
Pat File – Yes
Jonathan Main – No
George MacDonald – Yes
Cody Oschefski – No
Jack Contin – No

Glenn Canning – Yes
Stewart Strathearn – Yes

We don’t know what else to say but remember this in October 2018 when you pick your new Council. From everything we have learned about this subject over the past few years, there is no going back.  This decision is final and no other community has ever found enough cash to put a new police force back together from scratch.   We can only hope that we’ve been wrong about the cost predictions and the services that we’re told will vanish or diminish under the OPP contract.  Who “wears it” if we were right in 3 years, not that it really matters at that point.

Congratulations to the lobby group, their councillors, members and supporters too, who responded to the police board chair’s call to action.  George Dixon has far more influence than we had expected, perhaps even more than Roy Ellis.  Well played gentlemen.

Our sources in the police service have gone silent and simply stated that “the community and the their leaders have chosen their path and we respect that decision”.  So, we don’t expect to have much more in the form of police updates in the future.

The public perception that this decision was made far in advance seems to be well deserved. We’ve shared a little video (above) that was provided to us a couple of days ago.  We laughed at it as a joke submission, but in a stroke of irony, it actually was an act of premonition.

Midland’s police chief shared a letter to the Midland community this morning: http://www.police.midland.on.ca/news/open-letter-community



  1. Well the big winners here are the police officers who will get a nice severance and a hefty raise when the OPP hire them on.

  2. Don’t think it very fair in the way that you refer to Aberdeen and Riverwalk residents responding to the police board chair. That is a totally false, perhaps a somewhat bitter assumption. Most people in the area that I know, were against the OPP move, so don’t know how you could have that opinion. I totally agree that the decision was probably made some time ago and justification sought, possibly as a result of conflict through the collective bargaining process?
    Looking forward to casting my vote next year.

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Midland Council Chooses OPP For Midland

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