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OPP Contract Policing – Consider This

OPP Contract Policing – Consider This


Town hall remains convince that there could by an estimated $750,000 savings if Midland went OPP.  We have learned that this number is a “guestimate” at best and lacked any real accounting behind it, and seems to have been a copy/paste value inserted into the KPMG report that was provided to the Town a couple years ago.  Accordingly, the town remains convinced, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary that Midland can find this savings by selling the family home and renting.  We doubt that friends, since we have seen that movie before in Parry Sound, Collingwood and Orillia. Other far smaller municipalities, like neighbouring Penetanguishene signed their deal with the OPP only to have the costs increase dramatically even before the ink was dry.    

Once the above three comparable municipalities went OPP… then came requests for new facilities to be built. No doubt sooner or later Midlanders will be asked to fork out funds for a similiar project here. By the way if Midland went OPP who would pay for training, new police vehicles, radios, communications, uniforms, weapons, etc?  Hint, it won’t be HQ, if our memory serves us right.

And how about cost recoverables? Any out of town specialized  OPP units called in will be billed to the town.  Without a contract, those specialized units are provided at no additional cost since the freight has already been paid in our Provincial taxes.  In addition, our current compliment of men and women might very well be transferred to other detachments in the province following a year on job with the OPP.  

Furthermore, we understand that if Midland breached its contract with its top senior officers – a poison pill clause not unlike that found in Peterborough recently, kicks  in; it could cost the town hundreds of thousand of dollars (could be as high of one millions bucks it is believed in some circles). When councils sacrifice public safety to try to save a few dollars – which remains to be seen – the community won’t be the better for it….remember you read it here first.


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OPP Contract Policing – Consider This

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