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Walking The Beat

Walking The Beat


What did Tom Currie, Ross Willett, Bill Campbell, Murray Tamblyn,  John Lawrence, Ernie Bates, Jack Charlebois, Tim Vaillancourt, Larry Hembruff,  Danny Gilbert, Joe Reynolds and Mike Osborne have in common?

old-time-midland-policeThey loved to walk the beat. Why, you ask? They were people persons well before pro-active, community based policing was a buzz word.  During the wee hours of morning they “shook”  business doors in the downtown core and did the same thing in back services lanes.  By walking the beat, they literally put to force’s best feet forward. These officers and their colleagues were highly respected in Midland  and for very good reason. They took time to show the flag, took time to listen to shoppers and downtown business people and on more than one occasion nipped the bud on a possible crime by just being present downtown. Community First is the police service’s motto. That’s what the above and their co-workers did faithfully and still do today,  putting their community policing needs first.


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Walking The Beat

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