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Why Midland Plows Snow The Way They Do

Why Midland Plows Snow The Way They Do


There was a time when Midland Public Works had to snowplow some 40 miles of streets and roads…..since annexation that number has increased considerably.  It took between six and eight hours back then to do the job with plows, sanders, sidewalk plows and a grader.  

It was Town Engineer , Percy Ehler’s brain child in the ’70s to push the snow to centre of King Street from Yonge to Bay and then have the snow hauled away when things quieted down.   As a result the entire town snow plowing program was quicker, just as safe and thorough.  

Under the Highway Traffic Act it still is illegal to climb over what became Percy’s Peaks or shovel an opening so shoppers could skip going down to an intersection to cross from one side of King to the other.  It is unknown if there are any other towns in the province that use the Percy’s Peak’s unique method of snow removal in a downtown core.  

So the next time you might want to complain about all that snow pushed to the centre of King Street, remember there is a method for this so-called madness…..speedier, safer  snow removal than ever before here in the Heart of Huronia at Gateway to 30,000 Islands.


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  1. Going to cause the serious injury of someone or even worse! I’ve watched many seniors try and crawl over because it’s too far to walk to the next street crossing and one day someone is going to be seriously hurt!

  2. It’s way safer with that in the middle no one can get into a collision from going out of control into head on traffic when it’s slippery

  3. the snow piled in the middle of the road was done back in the 70s there called percy peaks .. now the reason it was done was so that people did not have to crawl over snow banks to get to there cars and side walks were cleaned from store fronts to curb then snow plow would put in centre of road to be picked up after each storm .people complain that they have to crawl over the big pile of snow in middle of road .but if they did not pile snow in middle it would be plowed to the curb and not picked up after ever storm just left there and the people would still have to crawl over pile to get to the other side were there is an other pile to crawl over .so they plow to centre and pick up after the storm .people stop being so lazy walk to intersection and cross were you should .if piling in centre is such a bad idea why is the town still doing it because it works .

  4. But, it doesn’t take weeks for the storm to end and things to quiet down!! Get off your 10-1/2 hour breaks in a day and do the work your hired to do!!!

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Why Midland Plows Snow The Way They Do

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