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Petition Online: Save Our Midland PUC – Stop The Sale!

Petition Online: Save Our Midland PUC – Stop The Sale!


Please consider signing and sharing this petition that is calling for Midland Town Council to take the Midland Public Utilities Corporation (MPUC) off the market!  Midland Council has decided to put our Midland Public Utility Corporation (MPUC), our locally-owned and operated hydro distributor, on the market.  The Town of Midland has decided that now is the time to explore a potential sale (in full or in part) of its lucrative power distribution business.

MPUC pays Midland annual dividends in excess of $400,000 – we are the only shareholder.

Locally Owned – Locally Operated – We Keep 100% Of The Profits

This is Midland’s asset.  It is a well-run, profitable, efficient organization that has served us with excellence with no reason to believe that will change if kept intact.

This is just another town asset that faces liquidation and extinction under this slash/cut Council.

If you want to keep Midland PUC local and have Council take it off the market, sign this petition and we will present it to Council on your behalf.

The letter that will be presented upon each signature reads:

As a taxpayer, resident and shareholder of our MPUC, I respectfully request that you reconsider the selling off, in whole or in part, of our Public Utilities Corporation. Even though the Province is encouraging smaller distributors to combine or merge, you have not made a case to dispose of this town asset. Take it off the market and find another way. I want our PUC to stay locally owned and operated.

You are free to add your own comments.

More background on this issue will be posted online shortly.  Here is a link to some local media coverage from earlier this year.  This linked article appeared in the Midland Mirror and online.

In its most scathing report about the Provincial Government’s mismanagement of our Hydro, the auditor general holds nothing back in her criticism of the Liberal’s waste of tax dollars.  Despite all this evidence of ineptitude, it is absolutely bewildering why our Council and the MPUC board would pay any heed whatsoever to the Province’s urge to sell and merge power distribution in Ontario.   Read all about the report here.  http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/terence-corcoran-ontario-liberals-power-regime-a-fiasco

“Ontario’s electricity regime is a gargantuan fiasco, a dysfunctional, overpriced, mismanaged system that for most of the last decade has been abandoned to the provincial Liberals’ gross incompetence and deliberate abuse of governance.”


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  1. So once again we need to stand strong and tell our council to not to sell yous your voice people stand up for what u want

  2. It’s sounding like Midland needs to be exersised of its Federal demons that want a chunk of everything good in this town, starting with the hound dogs in council that seem to be hot on the scent of quick money.

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Petition Online: Save Our Midland PUC – Stop The Sale!

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