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Town Responds To Safety Concerns


new-signsIn response to public complaints, a request from Councillor Cody Oschefski and presumably by Midland Police (who were out in force yesterday witnessing the traffic hazards and tweeting about it), the Town of Midland has taken the additional step of adding temporary stop signs in the middle of the King Street to educate drivers who seem unaware of the new stop sign trial.

Online comments to our posts calling for better safety and alerting mechanisms met with a mixed support.  Many people recounted their experiences of cars failing to stop, rolling stops and the general lack of clear visibility of the new signs.  Others were concerned that there was not enough public notice and that the reliance on social media does not reach enough residents and visitors.  A single newspaper story was not enough notice, nor were the many online stories that we published both on the web and social media.

The standard process is to place the signs warning of a “new” stop sign well ahead of the new stop signs for a prescribed period, but they seem to have been lost in the background “visual noise” as many drivers seem to be on “auto pilot” and fail to take notice of changes in the main street.  That speaks to a whole different issue with driver attentiveness and general complacency.

The key is that failing to stop for a stop sign is solely the driver’s responsibility; but that will be little solace to the grieving family that has to deal with a tragedy easily avoided by taking more than the basic and required steps to notify drivers (local and visiting) of major changes to our small town’s main street signage and traffic flow.

So, we are not publishing an “I told you so” story, nor are we going to try to take credit for this reaction by the Town to concerns that we and others have raised for weeks, but we are happy to see the new signs and look forward to a more permanent solution in the days to come during this three month trial.

The question still remains as to who and how is monitoring being effected for this trial?  Who will measure the outcome and how is the town collecting metrics?

Once again, why put 24/7 365 stop signs when a push to cross device like in the video above would have done the trick.  Nobody would miss this unit activated and it would install on the existing poles.



  1. That corner has no place for a stop sign.. Could play with the timing of the lights at Young n Hugel so traffic can cross at Elizabeth

  2. Glad to hear. Even though I know it is there it is going to take time to get use to. Because for so many years there was none.

  3. Absolute bullshit!
    Never really heard of any major accidents at that intersection in years.
    Pedestrian crossing lights would of been sufficient.
    Rolling stops r the norm, just go look at bay and midland ave.
    My dad taught me if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it.

  4. totally ridiculous and done for the culteral centre Soon there will be lights or signs at every corner in town Also backing traffic up on king st

  5. The big issue in this town is the well over 90% of the drivers who do not stop at any stop sign (rolling stops). that is what needs to be addressed this four way stop at King and Elizabeth is just looking for trouble.

  6. It’s just hard to get use to knowing there was no real reason for it. I would understand if there were multiple accidents there. But they should have made it a lighted crosswalk.

  7. And I bet they spent 5 times the money to put the signes there then they should have. It was like a $500 job and I am sure they paid thousands. Also I hope if cops are there watching they are only warning people as we all knew this would happen mistakes will be made. I my self forgot and didn’t see it at night and was like oh shit did I just run it.

  8. From what I’m told, police were warning and educating and not issuing tickets. They seemed to be the catalyst for change after their social media reports about how unsafe this intersection became. Glad the town listened to someone but we and many of you have been for telling this for weeks. We’re all nuts I guess.

  9. Eliz-King Stop Signs: In case you never noticed, Midland drivers seldom come to a full stop and any STOP sign. One consolation is that they will probably know the person they hit. The abundance of unwarranted STOP signs (see MTO Design manual) has resulted is a general contempt by the motoring public. Motorist make their own decisions if a sign is warranted and respond accordingly.

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Town Responds To Safety Concerns

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