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Edgehill Park OMB Appeal Withdrawn

After months of work by the volunteer committee overseeing the OMB appeals, the group has had to withdraw from the appeal process. The appeal stems from the contentious decisions by Midland’s Council to re-zone one-third of Edgehill Park / Huronia Park to allow for commercial development of a Health Hub by Chigamik and Waypoint Centre for […]

Second OMB Appeal Of Edghill Park Rezoning Filed Today

At 3pm today the appeal documents pertaining to the County of Simcoe’s decision to approve Midland’s Official Plan Amendment (OPA#8) were filed with the County of Simcoe clerks.  This second appeal follows an existing appeal of Midland’s passing of two bylaws that saw the Official Plan amendment drafted for the County’s approval.  The County seemingly […]

Simcoe County Approves Midland’s Edgehill Park Plans

At their committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday January 12th 2016, the committee was presented with 275 letters of opposition to the Town of Midland’s Official Plan Amendment #8 that “paves the way” (pun intended) for the commercial development of a Health Hub on that pristine parkland (of which the Mayor and most of Council […]

278 Letters Of Opposition Submitted To Simcoe County

This afternoon, 278 signed letters expressing concern and opposition to the County approval of Midland’s Official Plan Amendment #8 were turned over to the clerks for County Council’s consideration in their upcoming vote. In addition, we have provided the signatures of 1851 County residents (1150 of which identify as Midland residents) who signed a petition to stop […]

Local Newspaper Afraid To Run Our Cartoon

In a surprise today, the local Metroland newspaper refused to run our “paid” editorial satirical cartoon that captures the latest round of the fight.  Up until now, the paper has been covering much of the events surrounding the controversial Edgehill Park outcry as well as this group’s opposition to the chosen location and the issues surrounding Council’s […]

Waypoint Hires Law Firm To Fight For Town Of Midland

In a sad turn of events, and despite every effort to keep this fight about our parkland, it seems that the two beneficiaries of this land grab have decided to join the Town of Midland in their battle against 1800+ members of our community. As you are all likely aware, a member of this group has launched […]

Public Awareness Campaign Video Launched

Please share this video to help raise awareness about this group, our website and our campaign to save Edgehill Park:The Grove by funding an OMB appeal. Click here to see how you can support the appeal. (140) Share With Your Friends & Followers

Friendly Info Session Meeting With Waypoint & Chigamik CHC

A small information session hosted by Chigamik CHC and Waypoint for residents, most directly impacted by Council’s decision to grant part of Edgehill Park for a new health hub, took place today at 4:30.  The event included David Jeffery (Director General of Chigamik CHC), Carol Lambie (President and CEO of Waypoint) and numerous staff from […]

We Support The Health Hub But Oppose The Location

It has been a core message since the formation of our group.  It has been at the heart of virtually every publication we have made online and in print, yet still there seems to be confusion about where we stand on the issue.  Let us be crystal clear. We support both Waypoint and Chigamik CHC […]