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Nanaimo Residents Up In Arms Over Denial Of Historic Access By Midland Lobbyist

In a followup to the stories we’ve republished about local lobbyist (and developer) Roy Ellis, who is a co-owner of Tiara Holdings, and after contacting several residents involved in the fight against his plan to dredge and back-fill a historic marina (Boat Harbour Marina), we have been asked to tell the story to our community. […]

History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself – Nanaimo & Midland’s Struggles

History has a way of repeating itself even right down to lobbyists. We in Midland have been aware for some years of an individual wanting his way on certain lands, picking council members and now a new CAO. Now comes word from British Columbia this individual is simultaneously “at it” in Nanaimo and at issue, […]

More Than One Community Taking Exception To Local Lobbyist

In our series of articles studying the links and local lobbying activities of MidlandCommunity.ca’s co-founder, Roy Ellis, we were alerted by a member to a kindred spirit in a community as far away as Nanaimo British Columbia. It seems that our two communities are facing similar struggles and Nanaimo’s issues with Tiara Holdings, a joint venture between Roy […]

Councillor Strathearn Demands Town Staff Cuts

Some perspective and background before we begin… The local lobby group, MidlandCommunity.ca (whom many have renamed to MidlandCUTmunity.ca) is the brainchild of Roy Ellis, Stewart Strathearn and George Dixon.  They have been highly critical of past councils for not bending to their wills or running the community the way that they see fit. They mounted […]

Midland Police Settles Contract For 2015-2017

In a press release just received it seems that the local police have settled their 2015 and 2016 contracts extending them into 2017. The Midland Police Services Board is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of contract talks with the Midland Police Association. After negotiations extending over several months, the two sides recently reached settlements […]

Community Group Recruiting Interim CAO From Their Membership

In what they dubbed as an “important community announcement”, the Roy Ellis’ local lobby group, MidlandCommunity.ca sent the following appeal to their subscribers. – Quote Are you a seasoned executive who has been looking for a great chance to apply your talents for the benefit of all Midland, but aren’t in a position to make a […]

In-Camera “Abuses” Continue With Midland Police Services Board

In our continued examination of in-camera (closed) meetings at the Town of Midland, we turned our gaze at the Police Services Board.  In a MidlandCommunity.ca article titled January Council Highlights from February 2014, Roy Ellis and Stewart Strathearn wrote one of many articles complaining of the lack of transparency at the Police Services Board.  They […]

Co-Chair Of Our Economic Development Corporation Supports Outsourcing

In a shocking move, Roy Ellis (pictured to the left of Mayor Gord McKay), the co-chair of the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe (EDCNS) stood up at the OCPC (Ontario Civilian Policing Commission) hearing on August 20th 2015, and after introducing himself as a resident, then as the co-chair of the EDCNS and then also as […]